Hello My Friends

brisbane gardens 128

I¬†woke up in a whole new world today. Well, maybe it was a few days ago. I live in a world that I don’t generally like. I work in a field that I don’t generally like. And, I do a job that I really don’t like. The net result of this is that I want a way out. That is when I woke up with a plan.

My plan is, let the people that I like find me. Yep, I am done with wading through all the people with their agendas that clash with mine. All the people that “don’t get me”. All the people that just want more though nothing is enough and they can’t seem to figure out what more they need to be happy.

I am happy. I walked away from the job I hate. I walked away from the people that I hate. In the pages enclosed in this WordPress site you will find me. If you like me, lets be pen pals. If you don’t, please go away. It’s that easy.

Hello my friends. Good bye the rest of you guys.